Friday, August 8, 2008

Studebaker Transtar Deluxe V8

We've left the antique car collection, but I'll be back to show you more next year!

When you make your plans to join us on Paris Hill next July, be sure to shine up your oldest, or most expensive car. You don't want to be shown up by the person parked next to you! We found this vehicle parked on the side of the road...this is a kind of pickup that I have never seen before - very unusual and striking looking!

A fellow blogger, from SF Bay Daily Photo, has provided me with more information on this great old vehicle:
The Studebaker Brothers were located in South Bend, Indiana. Studebaker was founded in 1852. Many pioneers from the east came west in Studebaker Conestoga wagons. Studebaker also supplied many of the wagons used by the Union Army in the civil war. In the early 1900s, they became one of the first automobile manufacturers. They hedged their bets by continuing to build horse-drawn vehicles and by building both gasoline and electric-powered cars. In World War I, they supplied many wagons (still horse drawn) used in that war. Most of the trucks sent by FDR to aid the Soviets in their death-struggle against the Nazis were Studebakers. Studebaker trucks were tough enough to stand the winters and very primitive road conditions in the USSR. In the USSR, the word 'Studebaker' became synonymous with 'truck.'
Thanks for the info, Louis!!


Small City Scenes said...

As soon as I saw the front end I said to myself 'it's a studebaker' and By golly I guessed right. So many vehicle names are gone now so it is good to see some of the 'not so lod ones'. MB

Louis la Vache said...

You are very welcome, Crittoria!

"Louis" is sending the links to your old car posts to his car nut friends!