Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hey! You're not Santa!!

Izzy was posing for me, dressed up in her Santa outfit, when Rusty jumped into the chair with her. Fortunately, my trigger finger is quick!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Izzy!

I have always wanted a Westie. Not quite sure why, the breed just appeals to me. Saturday evening we drove 3 hours North, in a snowstorm, to pick out a puppy. We chose an 11 month-old female that they were going to keep as a breeder, but decided not to because her ears are too big. I think she looks adorable, like Gizmo! (Who remembers Gizmo?) Since she is older, we don't have to deal with the typical puppy issues, like potty-training, which is nice considering our lack of spare time. She has immediately blended right in here, although Aly hates her, not that I'm terribly surprised. She is smaller than the cats and looks teeny tiny beside Daisy, whom she keeps 'right in line'. The boys are completely besotted and were even picking out little pink sweaters for her at the pet store on Sunday! She is so cute and cuddly, that we are finding ourselves breaking all of our personal pet behavior rules, like dogs on furniture. She manages to find her way into someone's lap, as soon as they sit down on the couch. And yes, she won the 'Battle for the Bed'...