Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Car of the Dome"

1934 Packard
Model: 1108 Twelve
Body Style: Sport Sedan
Chassis by: Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan
Custom Body by: Dietrich, Inc of Detroit, MichiganEngine: 445.5 cid modified L-head 67" V-12 with 160 hp

Taken from an article about the designer:
"The "Car of the Dome", a one-off 12-cylinder Packard show car built for the transportation exhibit at the 1933-34 "Century of Progress" Chicago World's Fair was a good example of a vehicle that successfully combined the styles of both designers. It started life as a Dietrich-designed style 3182 Formal Sedan mounted on a 147" wheelbase chassis updated with bumper caps and forward-extended front fenders. De Sakhnoffsky eliminated the side-mounts and extended the hood putting speed spears on the vent doors adding even more length to the already long vehicle.

The October, 1933 issue of Motor described the interior of the car in great detail:
"All body hardware is heavily gold plated and so are the steering column and instruments. Wood paneling and trim are highly polished burley Carpathian elm. Built into the back of the front seat is a cabinet extending the full width of the car. The right side is occupied by a full length dressing case with gold plated fittings. At the left is a cellarette with a drop door which becomes a glass covered table when lowered. Inside are large gold cups in racks and large gold containers for liquid refreshments. Upholstery is especially selected beige broadcloth. The exterior finish is called Sun Glow Pearl, a new finish which is gold, or brown, or pearl, depending on how the light strikes it."

Note how the front and rear doors open on the same hinges...

With the vents open...


Jim said...

I want to just sit in it. What a ride.

babooshka said...

What a beautidul car, and such great condition. Love the interior shots.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" thinks this is one of THE most beautiful Packards ever built. Even though the car is now some 70 years old, it STILL looks good. There is not a bad line on this car. It looks good from any angle.