Saturday, August 30, 2008


These little guys almost came home with me yesterday - they were just too cute with their little 'heart' faces....
The funny thing was, Tillie was terrified by them! I was shocked, considering how much cattle work we have done, but little cows, attached together and pulling tires, was very frightening, as far as she was concerned! Now, the draft teams with all their noisy harnesses, pulling big wagons or stone boats, she watched the other penning horses freak out at those, but never batted an eye. Baby carriages, umbrellas, golf carts darting in and around us, and the millions of other crazy things that make up a country fair didn't bother her a bit. But, in Tillie's mind, cows have a certain place - being chased around an arena - anything else is too weird. Horses can be so silly sometimes!


Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" appreciates the photo of his distant relatives here!

Day4plus said...

they are so sweet. Are they in a double yoke for a reason? Funny about the horse. MB