Friday, January 30, 2009

Yankee Ingenuity

What do you do when the snowplow keeps 'takin' out' your mailbox? Well, these folks tied it back together with hay rope!

I guess I was a little bit vague yesterday...My new job is part-time at an animal feed, farm supply type of store, so I'm like a kid in a candy shop! The past 3 days have been spent doing orientation and training. I'm pretty tired, and anxious to get to the real work of running the store. The boys think that the best part is that their mom is now certified to drive a fork-lift!!


Small City Scenes said...

Good ol hay twine--it is good for many things.

I want your job. That is where I need to work. I qualified as fork lift driver at my last job. that was great. good luck to you. MB

Walker said...

I like the picture, never heard of hay twine but looks useful, certainly works. And yes, forklift driver sounds like a good job, fun.

Kris said...

That looks cold.