Saturday, January 24, 2009

Basketball Game

This morning our boys played a great game! They are on a combination girls & boys, third & fourth grade team. All the teams that we will face are all boys teams, since the other schools have enough kids to split the players up. West Paris has the smallest school in the district - one of the reasons that we chose to move to this area! Don't think for a minute that the girls are a handicap for our team - they are extremely talented and fierce players! Our boys (This is their first year on the team.) are having fun playing and learning about the sport. The whole family is enjoying watching the games!! Our team is wearing green, and our boys are #2 & #3.


slim said...

Great perspective on this shot . . . brings back good memories as well. Just catching up with your blog and saw your aquarium posts. "Clueless" & I haven't been to the Aquarium for at least a decade when our boys were your kids ages. We were going north on Monday, taking "college boy" back to school . . . we might have passed on 95! If you ever come to Boston again let us know . . . it would be fun to meet up. You got some great photos.

Small City Scenes said...

Oh what fun. I remember when my girls played basketball. They sure enjoyed it. MB