Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Frozen Waterfall

This was our destination on our wintry walk - our waterfall. Only right now it's not terribly spectacular because it's covered in snow. You can just barely see the huge rock that sits right in the middle of it. That is my very favorite place to sit in the summertime. It's a good 20 degrees cooler there on hot, muggy days. I can sit there for hours listening to the rushing water. And, supervising my little fishermen. Really hard to imagine - all I wanted to do this time was go home to a steaming cup of hot cocoa!


Jim said...

It does look cold, but it is a good picture.

Small City Scenes said...

Wow! It is frozen. It is raining out now and our snow id FINALLY melting. I have to take some pics of my waterfall. It is really rushing now. I'm like you---I love to listen to it. MB

Tanya said...

It's so pretty, cold but pretty! I'm ready for spring, how about you?!