Monday, April 14, 2008

West Paris Village

Driving down High Street, just about to cross the bridge and enter "downtown". You can see where Route 219 takes off to the left, just after the bridge, right before the railroad tracks.

Remember Berry's Ledge? See how it provides a background for the village? (The previous photo was taken from the other side, which explains why it looks backwards, in case you're wondering.)

There you go, Dad! I took this photo yesterday afternoon for my father. He's grumbled that I didn't have a picture of downtown yet on this blog. I told him that it was because I really don't like to take photos of great, big, brown snowbanks. Well, they've finally receded, so here's your photo, Dad! ;-)

Look at what my husband just found in the newspaper, regarding the World's Tallest Snow Woman, whom I blogged about at the beginning of March!


Tanya said...

I love the look of this little town. Looks like an old postcard :)

babooshka said...

t does look like an old postcard.Something about the compostion and light that gives it that postcard feel. Really nice photo.

Jim said...

You have a beautiful town, I can see why your father wants you to show it off.

Wendy said...

Nice photo of the road leading across a bridge into downtown. I have been thinking "Paris, France" but now I see you are in Maine, USA. I've never been there, so it's extra nice to visit via your blog.

Corey Templeton said...

Looks quaint! I bet it's even nicer looking in the summer months.