Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go get 'em!!

Just imagine chaos for a imagine someone letting loose 10 baby pigs and sending twelve 6 & 7 year-old kids after them...hilarious chaos!! Good country fun!! Yesterday, one of those kids was my youngest son and he caught one!! He has added another critter to our farm and we couldn't be more proud. (FYI: the pig's name is 'Bacon'.) This was his last chance at the Pig Scramble since today is his 8th birthday. Happy birthday, little buddy!!


Jim said...

Bacon, I like that. Happy Birthday.

Marcel said...

Happy Birthday from up here in Aalska too. And congradulations on catching Bacon.

It's also funny that we both posted blurry photos today too.

Webradio said...

Hello !

Nice birthday

Louis la Vache said...

Great fun! 'Bacon' must not have been greased! ;-)

Halcyon said...

I like the blurry movement effect in this photo... very neat! I have never heard of a pig scramble, but it makes me sad to think that Bacon may one day become bacon. :(

Happy birthday to your son!!!