Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another tree hugging kid!

I snapped this photo today because it reminded me of this photo from last spring. However, this time, the kid featured is my nephew, leaning over to see how high the water in the Little Androscoggin River was after the heavy, heavy rains last night. The water level is way up today! And the current is really strong too - it's definitely a rushing river!


PJ said...

This is a wonderful photograph. From your description it sounds like you're feeling a little bit of Hanna up there.
I don't know if you and your boys would be interested but there's something called International Rock Flipping Day going on. It's actually kind of fun, not at all what I thought it would be. See my last post for details. Hope all is well weather wise.

Small City Scenes said...

Cool picture--even though he is just looking at the water remind him we need all the trees we can keep. Little tree hugger. MB

Louis la Vache said...

Now this is a smile-inducing image!