Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rooster Head Shot

Meet my parents' rooster. He commands a flock of 6 hens. He started his life in the classroom, believe it or not. Each spring I take the incubator and a clutch of eggs to school and the kids get to watch them hatch. (I'm scheduled to take it to the 2nd grade classroom tomorrow.) I even take a high-powered flashlight, called an egg candler, to class sometime during the incubation process, which takes 21 days. Using this light, we can look through the shell and see the chick developing inside the egg. If we're lucky, we can even see it moving around! Needless to say, the kids are always absolutely fascinated. It's such a fun project! The only down-side is that anytime we hatch chicks, we always end up with way too many roosters. Fortunately, this guy found a very happy home.

Click here to read about some of my other roosters finding a happy home and to see pictures of them....


Abraham Lincoln said...

We used to raise chickens during World War II. Mom got them from Sears and Roebuck and they arrived at our village post office in a flat box with holes. You could hear them peeping when you stepped inside the building. She also always bought the cheapest which means they were not separated by sex so we got roosters and well as hens. We would raise them but slowly eat the roosters and keep the hens for their eggs. That was the meat and eggs we had during the war years.

I have a lot of respect for animals and for chickens the greatest respect of all.

The photograph you showed is really nice. And the story about how you got him is even nicer to read as I am sure the kids were very happy.

Kelly said...

I loved this photo and reading your post! Our local elementary schools hatch chicks in the Kindergarten classes, and the kids were always so excited when the big day came and the birds began to emerge!