Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

They actually made it until midnight so that they could see that infamous ball drop in Times Square, and to toast (with their non-alcoholic beverages!) each other for a great 2012.

Here's to hoping that they won't be too tired and grumpy tomorrow. Ha! Haa!!

My New Year's Resolution?

To dance more. Because it makes me happy.

When I'm happy, everything else just falls into place.


julier said...

Remind Caitlin that she promised not to be grumpy tomorrow!

crittoria said...

She's not at all...they slept so late this morning that they all still got the recommended 8 hours of sleep! They are so proud of this fact!!

Jessie said...

thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

kta smg

RCA said...

this ok!