Friday, January 6, 2012

It's already here!

My 2011 West Paris Daily Photo book...yay!


Mom/GrammyR said...

Can't wait to see it - and buy myself a copy!!!

Lowell said...

This looks delightful! Did you use Snapfish? We've made several of these for our kids and grandkids but none of the blog photos...maybe that's our next project?

Thank you for stopping by Ocala Photos! We appreciate that you took the time to do that and make a comment!

Best wishes. Looks like you have a nice spread up in Maine.

crittoria said...

Thanks. I have used Snapfish, but I actually use for most of my books. They do a great job & the software gets downloaded right onto your computer, so you're not working over the Internet to build the book. That makes it much faster for me.
I've made lots of books for special occasions, but the blog books are my favorite because there are so many photos from events throughout the year...some of the little moments that wouldn't normally get put into a book, you know what I mean? Those are really cool to look back at and remember years later.