Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My View this Week

I am currently living on the 19th floor of the Marriott on Canal Street, enjoying a great view of the Mississippi River and part of The Big Easy!

In the center of the photo, you can see Harrah's. We spent a couple of evenings wandering around the casino. The building itself is beautiful, both inside & out. As a finishing touch to their Christmas theme, there is actually a snow-making machine above the door. We were walking in at the same time as some women from Waco, Texas and they were getting such a thrill out of the snow falling down on them. After watching for a while, I finally got up the courage to play a game of Blackjack. It didn't take me long to lose the little bit of money that I was playing with, but I had a great time doing it! Apparently, even though I have taught the kids simple math by playing Blackjack for pennies, I still don't know enough about strategy. Oh well!