Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here comes Charlotte!

We experienced some torrential rain storms during both days of the penning event this weekend. My husband was up in the judges' booth that overlooks the arena, when he saw Charlotte climbing the ramp. He snapped this quick photo, which I just LOVE! She is such a smart little doggie. She was headed for the shelter of the room behind the judges. She knew the rain was coming and if we humans weren't smart enough to take cover, well, she was. She headed for that room about 15 minutes before each storm hit us. It was amazing! When I posted this photo last year, I didn't know what kind of dog she was. I recently asked her 'mother' and found out that she is a Lancashire Heeler. Actually a cast-off, because her ears don't stand up straight. She's just about the best dog I've ever met, whether or not she meets the breed standard!


B Squared said...

I always ask the question,"By whose standard." My boys are mutts and there has never been two better dogs.

Babooshka said...

OMG! This just made me lol. Sub standard never. Totally adorable.