Saturday, May 23, 2009

Squirrel Huntin'

That squirrel was teasing Aly...
...she didn't have a chance and he knew it!

It doesn't look like my sleeping bag is getting the airing out that I had intended when I left it draped over the deck railing. And to add insult to injury, look at the seeds the squirrel dropped onto it!


prado said...

Hey, I can see that squirrels in America are ginger like here, in Europe. I'm surprised because I still remember hundreds of squirrels when I happened to travel across the USA some time ago, and all were grey! BTW-very funny photo :D

Ackworth born said...

responding to prado's comment - i think grey squirrels tend to be gingerish in the spring (according to a book I read once but can't put my hand on right now)

what I was going to say was - it is back to the washing machine again now!