Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rodeo Ma

My husband took this license plate for me, after hearing about my wild ride on Sunday. (He was home with the boys.) I took Kitch to our team penning club's first practice and he was sure feeling his oats! He was soooo excited to be chasing cows again, that when I asked him to back off, he took off bucking down the arena!! Now, mind you, this is Kitch and everything Kitch does, he does BIG!! I guess it was quite the show - I could hear everyone yelling at me to hang on - I finally got his head pulled into my knee, spun him around and sent him back into the herd after the next cow. He didn't fuss again after that. I was really glad that I had decided to wear my helmet and really, really glad that I didn't fall off!!!!

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