Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Red Rollover?

I think the phrase on the windshield is too funny! I love red Jeeps!! When I was a teenager, this was my dream vehicle. These days my dream vehicle is anything big enough to carry the family & the horses. Our extended cab GMC pickup may not be sexy, but it sure does the job when we head off for our adventures!!


Jim said...

I always wanted a jeep also. Just like this one.

Marcel said...

I think that is funny too. I had a white 1962 Jeep right after high school and it was broken down more than it ran. It threw a rod twice in one year. I got good at pulling and replacing engines since I did that one I think 4 times in a little over a year.

Anonymous said...

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Small City Scenes said...

Cute saying. My Mail-lady delivers the mail in her red Jeep. She looks so sporty. MB

Halcyon said...

I wanted to buy a jeep last year, but when I saw the gas mileage they get (11 mpg) I decided to get a Beetle instead (40mpg). :D

I bet they are fun to drive though!