Thursday, December 30, 2010

Awww...come ON!!

After a long day spent cooped up in the house, Izzy, the Westie, was excited to play with Rusty, the cat! I'm not so sure that Rusty was as excited as she was...but on the other hand, Rusty doesn't ever seem to get excited anyway...


Day4plus said...

Hey you, welcome back. I have missed your blog and great posts.
How is everyone? Are you still working? Are you still penning? Not here anymore. Kylee and Shannon are Barrel racing.
My old blog doesn't work so go to
Anyway welcome back and

crittoria said...

Thanks! Everyone is doing well. No, I'm not penning anymore - I had another bad back injury this summer & decided it just wasn't worth it. I'm looking forward to training Lily & doing quieter riding, showing perhaps...maybe driving...we'll see!