Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flag Ceremony

The 2 cowboys that presented the flags decided that they were 'tough enough to wear pink'. It was great too see most of our riders showing their support by wearing pink! I know that most men generally refuse to wear the color, so we appreciated their efforts.

Did you recognize Patch? He's always so proud to carry the flag! This year we dedicated our Program Book to this dynamic duo because of all that they have done for the sport of team penning in Maine. Here is a passage from the book:

He has always penned on Patches Moon. In 1992 he bought Patches, a 10-year-old former school horse, for his wife. Patches had been ridden English, Western, done dressage and been used as a jumper. They had also bought another Appaloosa gelding named Big Rig. Both horses were well-trained, but well-behaved was another matter. Big Rig was calm and sedate, while Patches had a hard time keeping his front hooves on the ground. A perfect match was found, but not between he and Big Rig, but between he and Patches. They have been together as a team ever since! “Team Penning is not just you and 2 other riders working as a team, but also you and your horse working as a team. The better you are as a horse and rider team, the better your results will be as a team penning team.”

In 1997, they started team penning - full speed ahead. They have excelled in team penning competition. But their attitude now is slightly different than it was 12 years ago. Their advice to new team penners is, "If your attitude is to win at all costs, you will always be disappointed in some rides. If your attitude is to have fun, you will never be disappointed". Patches Moon is now 27 years ‘young’ and still going strong. We have all witnessed Patches take off when the flag goes down, whether Bruce is ready or not! All Patches needs to learn is what number is called to give Bruce the ride of his life.


Mom/GrammyR said...

Neat story!
A "once-in-a-lifetime" friend!

Small City Scenes said...

That is a neat story.
My youngest got Papoose (also an Appy) when they both were 12 and Papoose left this earth when she was 27. Jolene was so sad---she had her cremated and she is still with us (well Jolene too) in a trunk in the basement. LOL!!

Nice story. MB