Monday, March 3, 2008

In like a lion...

I'm really hoping that March will fulfill the old wives' tale and go 'out like a lamb'.

I took this photo of one of our horses during the storm on Saturday. Believe it or not, his name is Kitchen. We bought him in New Mexico, and apparently there is a tradition that when you trade for a horse, you name him accordingly. The guy that we bought Kitch from was a cabinet maker and he had traded a kitchen for the horse. Previously the horse's name was 'Two Bits' because he was purchased by a bit-maker. However, when we purchased him, I promised him that I wouldn't name him 'Home Equity Line of Credit', it just doesn't have the ring to it that Kitchen does! I don't know if it's because of his name, but this horse has loads of personality and is always a big hit with the crowds at all the events that we take him to. He's a gentle giant and attracts lots of attention, especially from children. He really enjoys it! He's also an extremely versatile horse. I can jump on him and run a fast time on barrels or put the most nervous beginner rider on him for a trail ride and know that he will take good care of them.

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Lynette said...

Great photo, and I enjoyed the text that goes along with it.